Premium passenger seat

from A1 AUTO

Today, there are several buses and VAN class cars, which are most often used to create premium interiors with increased requirements for design and comfort.

One of the most important elements of comfort and aesthetics in interiors is the premium passenger seat.

The passenger's main impression of the trip depends on the convenience of the seats, which is directly related to the correctness of their anatomy, the tactile properties of the materials that were used, and the harmonious combination of different colors.


Analysis of the market for seats and comfort systems for premium cars revealed two main groups:

  • Armchairs of well-known companies such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW are of high quality, but also at a high price, and during installation, they require mechanical modifications and adaptation.
  • Universal armchairs and sofas from various companies are inexpensive, do not need additional modifications, but in terms of quality, materials, and a set of options do not meet the premium class requirements.

Premium armchair from A1

  • Design meets modern aesthetic requirements.
  • Comfort parameters are improved by optimizing the anatomy of the seat and backrest.
  • Competitive price in the premium car market.
  • Full compliance with vehicle safety standards.
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Massage, ventilation, heating

There is a possibility of adjustment

Wireless and USB charging



Tablet stand

Multimedia in the back

Various finishes and different colors


Finishing options

Finishing materials:
  • leather
  • artificial leather
  • alcantara
  • high-quality fabrics

  • veneering
  • aquaprint
  • chrome plating
  • spraying
  • painting


Color solutions

The most common and popular colors used in car interiors:
  • white
  • black
  • shades of gray
  • shades of brown




Basic version:
  • electric longitudinal movement
  • electrically adjustable backrest tilt
  • joystick for chair control
  • seat belt
  • headrest
  • illumination of side
  • stationary
  • electric footrest
  • back and seat ventilation
  • heated back and seat
  • back massage
  • a table that slides out of the armrest
  • electrically adjustable headrest
  • wireless phone charging
  • USB phone charging
  • tablet holder
  • backrest monitor
  • the table on the back
  • cup holder in the armrest
  • Isofix holder



  1. Adjustment control buttons
  2. Electric backrest tilt adjustment
  3. Side lighting
  4. Electric longitudinal movement of the chair
  5. The electric mechanism for raising/lowering the footrest of the chair

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