Mercedes-Benz V-Class Long 250 d

Power 173 kW / 235 hp | 0-100 km/h 9,1 s | Vmax 206 km/h
Fuel Economy* city 7,5 l/100km | highway 6,0 l/100km | combined 6,6 l/100km | CO2 158 g/km

Design & Exterior

Painting: Black
Interior color: Leather, black
Number of seats: 2+2


Light alloy wheels 19"
Tires 245/45 R19


Partition between driver and passenger with options:
• 43” electric monitor
• Electric curtains
• Double glass with electric drive
• Decorative wood veneer molding with built-in clock
• Car entry handles, wood veneer finish
• Retractable umbrella from the partition
Mercedes high-comfort rear seats (factory option)
• electric Controls
• Ventilation
• Heat
• Massage
• Step
Removable Mercedes seats at the partition (factory option)
Wide side armrests:
• Chrome-plated Cup holders integrated into the armrests
• Wireless charging stations for phones
• Controls for partitions, lights, and sliding doors in decorative side panels
Alcantara finished ceiling with options:
• Air ducts with interior lighting
• A decorative element in interior lighting and integrated mirrors of the Mercedes-Maybach
• Two individual lamps for rear passengers
• Climate control unit
• Coat hanger
Multimedia complex:
• high-Speed Wi-Fi router
• Apple TV Internet set-top box
• Digital TV tuner
• Intercom system for negotiations with the driver with hands-free function
• Complete sound insulation of the car interior with several layers of sound insulation materials
• Light-proof curtains around the interior perimeter
• Sewing carpets in the passenger compartment

Technical Data

Engine 4-Cylinder
Engine size 2143 cm3
Power 173 kW / 235 PS
0-100 km/h 9,1 s
Torque 510 Nm
Vmax 206 km/h
Fuel Type Diesel
Transmission Automatic
Wheel drive AWD

Fuel economy

city 7,5 l/100km
highway 6,0 l/100km
combined 6,6 l/100km
CO2 Emissions 158 g/km
Environmental class D

Year of origin

Mileage 0 km
Year 2020


Price Price on demand
Lease is available
Individual insurance conditions



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